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Frequently asked questions

What can I do on Procuzy?

You can manage your inventory, procurement, manufacturing and sales across multiple warehouses on Procuzy. It helps improve operational efficiency of your business through better supply chain management, reporting and transparency.

Can I customise Procuzy?

Yes, Procuy can be customised as per your businesses' needs. With custom workflows and integration with other tools, Procuzy streamlines operations and improves efficiency, helping businesses stay competitive and grow in today's fast-paced environment.

Will my data be safe on Procuzy?

Procuzy's secure platform is trusted by businesses to protect and maintain confidentiality of user data through the latest security protocols and measures.

Can I integrate Tally, Zoho or any other accounting tool with Procuzy?

Procuzy seamlessly integrates with accounting software like Tally and Zoho, allowing businesses to sync financial data and automate accounting processes. This improves accuracy and efficiency in financial management, saves time and effort, reduces the risk of errors, and ensures data consistency across systems.

Can my operations and warehouse team use Procuzy?

your entire team can be brought onto the same platform, from purchase and production to sales and finance, ensuring that everyone has access to the same information and can work together seamlessly.

Is there a limit on users?

With Procuzy, you have the freedom to add as many users as you need, no matter how much your team expands in the future. Moreover, the platform allows for complete customization of user permissions, ensuring that access to sensitive information is tightly controlled.

What is the pricing structure of Procuzy?

Procuzy is an economical ERP solution that offers a range of features and benefits at a competitive price point. Please reach out to for sales enquiries.